Blue light transilluminator safety information

The UltraSlim SLB-01 and the UltraBright LB-16 have passed CE certification and are listed as Class III instrument, which means “General control and premarket approval”. This item required scientific examination before launching to market and is has passed the safety test (which is self-imposed and administered from Maestrogen) from CE.

According to CE document, they set up a standard for safety of eyes by restricting exposure under blue light:  This document is very complex and calculating exposure time value depends on different energy, but CE also suggests the safest way is to not look directly into the light source for more than 10 seconds. So they treat 10 seconds as their suggested limitation.  We suggest as short as possible.

According to a CELMA(Organization of manufacturing light source in Europe) report, they point out that looking at blue LED directly could cause the same damage as looking at sunshine directly, but human will close eyes automatically so it is very difficult to really cause damage.

Based on the documents, Maestrogen believes, and this is in the user manual, looking at the blue LED directly will cause damage, as would looking at sunshine. But if the time is less than 10 second, it won’t cause any damage to human.  However looking directly into the blue light without the filter lid is never advised.

SLB–01W and LB-16 provide the protective filter in front of the operator. For those who do not operate but just exposed under leaking blue light, it should not cause any damage.  In the user manual, Maestrogen also reminds users not to look at directly at the light source.  So, f they just follow the precautions in the user manual and exercise some common sense (10 secs or less of direct exposure and do not put your face close to the UltraBright), it should be very safe to use a SW-01W or LB-16.

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