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iRiS™, an Innovative Digital Cell Imaging System

desc_bg_01 (1)The iRiS™ Digital Cell Imaging System is a multicolor fluorescence imaging system integrated with image analysis software and an onboard computer. With the iRiS™ Digital Cell Imaging System, you can obtain high resolution, publication-quality images without the complex steps necessary with a conventional fluorescence microscope. Bring your digital imaging to a new level with the iRiS™ Digital Cell Imaging System.

Thanks to advancements in optical technology, the quality of cell imaging data has increased dramatically since the conception of the microscope. User experience, however, has not improved at the same rate. Complex alignment processes, long setup procedures, and time consuming adjustments require extensive training and expertise to master.The iRiS™ Digital Imaging System pairs high performance optics, automation, and a user-friendly workflow to create a seamless user experience. High quality images can be captured consistently regardless of one’s level of experience. With the iRiS™ Digital Imaging System, novices, experts, and everyone in between can easily obtain high quality crisp images in seconds.


icon_01Proven quality objective lenses,all made in Japan

High quality optical components are crucial to acquire high quality cell images. The iRiS™ Digital Imaging System uses the highest quality optical components from Japan. Outstanding image quality has never been simpler.

Scientific-grade CMOS camera

The performance of digital cell imaging is largely dependent on the sensitivity and noise level of digital cameras. The iRiS™ Digital Imaging System is equipped with an ultra low-noise scientific-grade CMOS camera to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio.


High resolution bright field and phase contrast imaging

The iRiS™ Digital Imaging System provides a variety of imaging modes including bright field and phase contrast imaging. Regardless of sample conditions, the iRiS™ Digital Imaging System guarantees exceptional quality in transmitted light imaging.


Capture & Analysis

Eliminate the need to transfer images to a separate image analysis platform. The iRiS™ Digital Imaging System is equipped with integrated image analysis software. Capture and analyze your images in real time.

3 color LED fluorescence

The iRiS™ Digital Imaging System offers an extremely simple multicolor fluorescence imaging workflow. Long-lasting LEDs and hard-coated optical filters have been integrated to ensure robust fluorescence imaging.


Time lapse & Z stack imaging

The iRiS™ Digital Cell Imaging System enables time lapse and Z-stack image acquisition with just a few mouse clicks. Complex steps are no longer necessary.

Objective Lenses

To ensure the highest quality cell images, all iRiS™ objective lenses were made in Japan, the birthplace of world-class optics.

pdf (Duplicate) (Duplicate)Download the iRiS Objective Lens Selection Guide

Plan Achromatic Objectives

Plan achromatic objectives are corrected for axial chromatic aberration in two wavelengths, spherical aberration in the color green, and flat-field aberration. The iRiS™ TC PlanAchro Ph objectives are long working distance objectives that are suitable for routine bright field, phase contrast, and fluorescence imaging with most cell culture vessels.

Plan Fluorite Objectives

Plan fluorite objectives provides higher level of correction and produced from advanced glass formulations. The iRiS™ TC PlanFluor objectives are long working distance fluorite objectives designed to use with standard culture vessels. These objectives are suitable for sensitive fluorescence imaging and higher resolution bright field imaging.

Plan Apochromatic Objectives

Apochromatic objectives represent the most highly corrected objective lens available today. These objectives are corrected for chromatic aberration in 3-5 colors and for spherical aberration in multiple colors too. The iRiS™ Plan Apochromat Fluor objectives are top level objective lens that can be used for the most sensitive fluorescence imaging and highest resolution imaging applications.

desc_bg_02 (1)


iRiS™ LED filter cubes are designed to provide high power illumination with excellent uniformity. In contrast to mercury and metal halide arc lamps, LED is a semiconductor device that has an exceptionally long lifetime. The LED light source does not generate excessive heat and allows for instant powering on and off. The variety allows for diverse and robust fluorescent cell imaging applications. Meet the range of iRiS™ LED Filter Cubes!

pdf (Duplicate) (Duplicate)Download the LED Filter Cube Selection Guide


  • Choose from 12 LED filter cubesdesc_bg_03 (2)
  • Adjust illumination intensity without ND filters
  • Hard coated excitation and emission filters
  • Up to 50,000 hours of illumination
  • No warm up or cool down required
  • Don’t see what you need? Contact us for customized configurations!

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