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GeneSys image capture software for Syngene

GeneSys image capture software for Syngene

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Automated set-up and image acquistion of 1D, 2D and multiplex gels

Note: GeneSys is available only with the purchase of a Syngene gel documentation system.  It is not for sale as a stand alone software program.

Syngene’s revolutionary new GeneSys image capture software has been developed for use with G:BOX, PXi, and Dyversity systems. GeneSys ensures scientists can quickly capture excellent images of even complex multiplex gels.

The innovative GeneSys software features large touch-screen buttons which guide users effortlessly through set-up and image capture. Each screen prompts researchers to select, for example, the type of gel or blot they are using and what it is stained with.


The biggest difference between a Syngene system and any other is in the way the system is controlled. At the heart of all Syngene systems is GeneSys which is an application driven control software. With G:BOX you can use GeneSys in either Automatic or Manual mode.

It is assumed that the user will know exactly what their application is and how they have prepared their gel or blot. In Auto Mode they simply enter this information into GeneSys (or recall it from a saved configuration) and the system takes over the rest. Behind GeneSys is an extensive database which contains data relating to a very wide range of applications, eg, fluorescence, chemiluminescene and chemifluorescence. Once the G:BOX has been told what sample to expect then GeneSys decides what hardware configuration is best and sets the system ready for image capture. Things like camera control, exposure time, sensitivity setting, lighting requirements, lens control, filter selection – all of this is taken care of by GeneSys. The user just has to click the ‘capture’ button and wait for the perfect image to appear.

From the opening screen the user can select the mode of operation – Auto or Manual. It is also possible to access the image browser and enter the edit screen to work on previously stored images.  Previously stored configurations are shown on the left as small ‘notebooks’.

In Auto Mode the user simply selects the ‘sample format’, the ‘sample type’ and the ‘matrix type’. The software has been designed for use with a touch screen.

Once the application type has been selected GeneSys then offers the user a range of dyes from its database. The user then simply selects the dye. It is also possible to undertake multiplex applications in which case the user would select each dye from the available list. The database behind GeneSys contains over 210 different dyes and stains and is updated on a regular basis as more options come onto the market.

Once the dye has been selected then the system will automatically configure itself to capture the best possible image of the sample. The lighting, filter and camera exposure settings are all automatically adjusted for the sample type. The captured image is displayed in the main screen with small thumbnail images of the current and previous images (either opened or captured) shown in an image ‘pool’. Note the icons at the foot of the screen which enable previous pages to be selected.

The fully automatic functions of GeneSys allow even the most difficult or complicated gels and blots to be imaged. For example with Chemiluminescence the system uses its intelligence to know the output profile of most of the major substrates. It can then decide the exposure setting best suited to a particular substrate. Then during the image capture process it continually monitors the output from the blot until the best image is produced.

Another example of the power of GeneSys is when working with multiplex blots. Once the application information is selected by the user GeneSys will make separate exposures using the correct filter, lighting and camera setting for each dye. The final multiplex image will be displayed.

On the image edit page the user can enhance the image, add annotation, save or print.

Not everyone wants their system to take automatic control. Therefore, there is the ability for the user to take complete control of every function of the system by using the manual mode GeneSys has been designed using the most advanced software tools available. Primarily it has been designed for use with a ‘touch’ panel PC and to take advantage of the new functions afforded by Windows 7. Selection of all options using the simple interface is easy and intuitive.

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Fit X1 Automated Pipetting (Liquid Handling) System

Fit X1 Automated Pipetting (Liquid Handling) System

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The Fit X1 is a high precision, automated pipettor system designed for low-volume PCR/qPCR sample preparation.

Fit X1 is designed to replace the manual process of PCR/qPCR sample preparation.  If you are in the market for a liquid handling robot, you know that precision and consistency are the key features to ensure reagents are dispensed accurately.  Fit X1 offers simplicity and functionality for you to produce the best results…and at an affordable price!


The Fit X1™ software is simple to install and easy to use, a trained technician (available, of course!) is not required to start using the instrument.  How is the possible?  Fit X1 software contains built-in PCR/qPCR setup protocols.  Protocols can be transferred via USB memory stick.

Another unique feature is 1 and 8-channel, 50ul or 200ul, Automatic Pipetting Modules (APMs) can be exchanged without tools!  Fit X1 also contains four interchangeable standard mictrotiter plate/tip rack adapters and two interchangeable reagent vessel adapters.

Affordability and Compatibility

The Fit X1 is a fantastic value for the lab.  It has, as standard, features that other competitive systems offer as options and is offered at a price that although we cannot post here, will certainly please you.  In other words, the Fit X1 will fit your needs and budget.

FitTip™ robotic tips are compatible with Beckmen’s® Biomek 3000® system and The Fiter™ adapters keep sensitive reagents/samples at 7° C for more than 30 minutes.


The Automated Pipetting Module (APM) can be mailed in for service and calibration and the Fit X1 software can be upgraded via the internet.  The instrument is also compact and portable.

Accuracy and Precision

Each Automated Pipetting Module (APM) is calibrated with ISO-8655 standards.  The Fit X1 delivers excellent results for qPCR standard curve and replicates.

Technical Specifications

  • Worktable Capacity:
    • 2 or 3 x 96 / 384 SBS PCR plates
    • 2 or 1 x 96 tip rack (50/200 µl)
  • Reagent Area 1:
    • 8 x 1.5/2 ml microcentrifuge tube
  • Reagent Area 2:
    • 6 x 2 ml storage tube (free standing) and 1 x 5 ml bottle
  • Function:
    • Liquid (Sample/Reagent) Transfer (LT)
    • Multiple Dispense (MD)
    • Serial Dilution (SD)
    • Hold (Pause)
    • Mixing (MIX)
    • Loop
  • Automated Pipetting Module: Interchangeable 1/8-channel, Maximum volume 50 µl/200 µl
  • Connection: RS-232, USB1.0
  • Power Supply: 100~240V, 50/60 Hz, 100W
  • Size(W x D x H) : 590 x 440 x 460 mm
  • Weight: 25 Kg

 Performance of Automated Pipetting Module (APM)

1/8 channel- Volume 50 µl
1 µl 50 µl
Accuracy (Rel.) ± 7% ± 1%
Precision (Rel. CV) ≤ 7.5% ≤ 0.4%
1/8 channel – Volume 200 µl
10 µl 200 µl
Accuracy (Rel.) ± 3% ± 0.8%
Precision (Rel. CV) ≤ 1% ≤ 0.15%

Note :
According to ISO-8655 standards ( Gravimetic method ), APM is calibrated in temperature (21 ~ 25ºC, ±0.5ºC) and humidity (60~90%) controlled environment. Twice-distilled water, robotic tips and microbalance were used.

Ordering Information

The Fit X1 is sold exclusively in New England by New England BioGroup.  If you are a New England-based researcher (MA, CT, RI, VT, ME, or NH), please contact us.  If you are outside of New England, please visit Pacgen Life Science Corporation to locate your local manufacturers’ representative in your area.

 Fit X1™ Automated Pipetting System
AREZ 401-000000 4-plate Automated Pipetting System with 1 x APM, Notebook Computer and software.
 Interchangeable Automated Pipetting Module
275-ezar01-00 1-channel, 50 µl Pipetting Module
275-ezar02-00 8-channel, 50 µl Pipetting Module
275-ezar03-00 1-channel, 200 µl Pipetting Module
275-ezar04-00 8-channel, 200 µl Pipetting Module
 Robotic Tips
T00-ezar00-00 FitTip™ 50 µl, non-sterile, 96 tips/rack; 10 racks/pack
T00-ezar01-00 FitTip™ 200 µl, non-sterile, 96 tips/rack; 10 racks/pack
T00-ezar02-00 FitTip™ 50 µl, sterile, 96 tips/rack; 10 racks/pack
T00-ezar03-00 FitTip™ 200 µl, sterile, 96 tips/rack; 10 racks/pack
275-ezar21-00 96 tips rack adapter
275-ezar22-00 Leviated 96-well PCR plate adapter
275-ezar23-00 Leviated 384-well PCR plate adapter
275-ezar26-00 4 x 2 1.5 ml tubes adapter
275-ezar27-00 3 x 2 2 ml storage tubes & 1 x 5 ml bottle adapter
275-ezar30-00 CoolBlock™ 96 adapter for 96-well PCR plates
275-ezar31-00 CoolBlock™ 384 adapter for 384-well PCR plates
275-ezar34-00 CoolBlock™ R10 adapter for 4 x 2 1.5 ml tubes
275-ezar35-00 CoolBlock™ R20 adapter for 3 x 2 2 ml storage tubes and 1 x 5 ml bottle
275-ezar40-00 20-well 1.5 ml tubes adapter
275-ezar42-00 Disposable Used Tip Tray x 10 sets


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