Different from “traditional” proteomic approaches based on protein isolation and mass spectrometry characterization, PRIMM’s proteomic strategy relies on protein identification by immune-chemistry analysis.

The availability of a “draft” of the entire human genome sequence allows the physical isolation of most of the human genes by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

Once isolated, each gene is expressed, the corresponding recombinant protein is purified and used to immunize mice to obtain specific polyclonal antibodies.

The availability of a library of sera against a large panel of human proteins is the key feature of the PRIMM technology. In fact, antibodies can be used to visualize the corresponding proteins, exploiting classical immunochemistry techniques.

If such analysis is carried out comparing protein expression in tissues derived from healthy and disease-carrying individuals, disease-associated proteins can be uncovered.

YOMICS Library

The YOMICS approach takes advantage of the fact that a “draft” of the entire human genome sequence is available and, most important, that accurate annotations of the sequences of each human chromosome are being released. The knowledge of the sequence of virtually all human genes allow their physical isolation by using the well established technique of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

Oligonucleotides, annealing at the 5’ and 3’ ends of each genes, are designed and synthesized and all genes are amplified starting from a convenient source of human genes (cDNA preparations from mRNAs derived from different cells and tissues are most convenient). Once isolated, each gene is expressed using recombinant DNA technologies and the corresponding recombinant protein is purified. Finally, all human recombinant proteins thus isolated are used to immunize laboratory animals so as to obtain specific antibodies against each protein.

The overall strategy is straightforward, however, the technological challenges are remarkable. Thanks to solid Bioinformatic and High-Throughput technologies available at Primm, almost two thousands recombinant proteins were produced in a reasonable timeframe. In addition, Primm top class animal facility with a capacity of housing and treating several thousands of animals simultaneously allowed the rapid generation of polyclonal antibodies which today constitute the YOMICS collection.

In summary, our collection is pretty unique. Very likely you may find antibodies not available from other vendors simply because our approach is directed toward the uncharacterized human proteins.

During the next years, Primm plans to expand the YOMICS collection with the addition of new antibodies against human proteins. Proteins from different species will also be included. Therefore please keep visiting us from time to time to see if a new addition may be of interest to you.

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