2-D Gel Electrophoresis

“2D or not 2D…  That is the question.”                     

Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2DGE) offers unprecedentedresolution of the protein constituency of cells, tissues, and biologicalfluids, and when coupled with mass spectrometry, is an integral component ofproteomic analyses.  The unrivaledresolution of 2DE is further realized with the development of immobilized pHgradients (IPGs) capable of resolving proteins differing by 0.002 pI units.  Thousands of proteins can be separated by isoelectricfocusing (IEF) and this number of theoretical plates is nearly squared when anorthogonal second dimension of electrophoresis is introduced.  In experienced hands, 2DGE is a highlyreproducible and a reliable analytical method for quantifying the proteins andtheir relative expression.

Over 25 years of experience in gel-basedproteomics offers 2D gels of unmatched resolution and reproducibility.  FOCUS PROTEOMICS offers image analysis forprotein expression analysis.

Contract Services 

  • Complete sample preparation.
  • Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) usingcombinatorial peptide ligand libraries.   NEW!
  • Phosphoprotein and glycoproteinaffinity enrichment.   NEW!
  • Rotophor fractionation coupled withone- or two-dimensional PAGE.   NEW!
  • IEF, 2DGE, SDS and native PAGE.
  • Coomassie, silver, and fluorescentmultiplex staining.
  • Image analysis.
Focus Proteomics 2DGel

Figure 1. 2D gel isolating over 600 proteins from thebacterium Vibrio fisheri. Immobilized pH gradient was pH 3-10 (fromleft to right). Stained with KUMASI total proteinstain.


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