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Cellometer automatic cell counters – which system is right for me?

The Cellometer automated cell counter from Nexcelom Bioscience has fast become the gold standard for imaging-based automated cell counting.  While competition in this market has increased, Nexcelom has maintained its position as industry leader be developing a wide selection of product choices suited for a large array of of application and budget needs. From brightfield only cell counters to brightfield and dual fluorescence models with cooled CCD-cameras, there are many choices available to the researcher.  Which is right for you?  Let’s examine this a little more closely.

Cellometer Auto T4

The Cellometer AutoT4 is the original brightfield imaging based automated cell counter. Some of our customers describe the AutoT4 as a digital hemacytometer. The system uses brightfield excitation and is ideal for cancer cell lines. Over three hundred cell lines have been optimized in the Cellometer Auto T4 software. Cell types such as PBMCs, lymphocyes, and spleenocytes can be counted in the Auto T4. In fact, we are often told by customers who have evaluated these cell types in other imaging based automated cell counters that the Auto T4 delivers the best results. That said, we would encourage customers to look more closely at our Cellometer Auto 2000, which is optimized for those cell types and more. Total cell counts and viability counts using Trypan blue stain can be performed with the Cellometer Auto T4. The AutoT4 also offers single button cell size analysis and cell size histogram generation, morphology observation, data archiving, and automatic data export into Microsoft Excel.

Cellometer Auto 2000

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is an “all in one” automated cell counter.  The Auto 2000 contains brightfield and dual channel fluorescent imaging.  The Auto 2000 can perform every application need addressed on the Cellometer Auto T4 and, using fluorescence, the system can is optimized to also work with primary cell lines, cell lines that contain debris, blood cells such as PBMCs.  The system can also be used to perform a total white blood cell count (WBC count) using whole blood!  Users can now work with acridine orange (AO), a membrane permeable nucleic acid stain useful for fluorescent total cell counts and/or propidum iodide (PI), a membrane permeable nucleic acid binding strain useful for fluorescent viability counts.   Users can also apply a mixture of both stains (AO/PI) to perform a fluorescent live/dead viability count in the same sample.  Another unique feature is the system works with a larger imaging area, making it ideal for labs that routinely count lower concentrations of cells.  The built-in PC is very fast and cell counts can typically be performed in <30 seconds once image acquisition is complete.

Cellometer Vision CBA

The Cellometer Vision CBA offers the end user the highest level of sensitivity and flexibility in an imaging based automated cell counter.  The Vision offers brightfield and dual channel fluorescent excitation.  In addition, the system allows for the fluorescent optic modules to be interchangeable, opening up a stunning array of cell based assay capabilities to researcher.  The Vision can perform cell cycle analysis (using only 20 ul of sample!!!), cell proliferation analysis, and help determine transfection rates in GFP, RFP and YFP.   It can also be used for apoptosis analysis (using Anexin V) as well as counting primary hepatocytes and adipocytes.  The Cellometer Vision CBA software also allows the researcher to offers advanced data reporting and generates the same sophisticated data output as most flow-based instruments, with the added advantage of cell images. Automated data output includes fluorescent images, dot plots, and histograms. Users have the option to modify the automatic gating with instant visual display and data update. Researchers can characterize cell populations with 1-step data analysis and reporting.

Cellometer Auto M10 and Auto X4

The Cellometer Auto M10 is a brightfield only yeast and platelet counter.  The instrument contains a camera with 10X magnification.  The Cellometer Auto X4 is a brightfield and single channel fluorescent automated cell counter.

So which is right for me?

Good question!  Hopefully, this information will “point you in the right direction”.  Ideally, it is best to discuss this with a sales specialist at New England BioGroup.  We’re here for you! Give us a call or drop us a line to chat or arrange a product demonstration in your lab.

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