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Syngene Gel Documentation Used by Major University for High Resolution DNA Gel and Western Blot Imaging

GBOX Chemi XRQ gel imaging system a winner at major European university

Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of sensitive image analysis solutions, is proud to announce its G:BOX Chemi XRQ is being used by scientists at a well-respected European University to accurately detect proteins in metabolic disordersGBOX Chemi XRQ including diabetes.

GBOX gel documentation system is used as a multi-task imager

Researchers at the major university are using a G:BOX Chemi XRQ multi-task imager to precisely analyse agarose gels of mouse and rabbit DNA stained with the safe fluorescent dye SybrSafe®. They are also utilizing the G:BOX Chemi XRQ  to easily image both large and small SDS-PAGE gels and chemiluminescent Western blots of proteins. This is allowing scientists at the university to accurately detect proteins and is contributing to identifying potential therapeutic targets in chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Gel documentation system chemiluminescence that rivals film

A laboratory technician at the university states: “We often have to analyse large protein gels and blots with up to 26 lanes to detect proteins of 15-300 kDa and so have to leave our chemiluminescent Westerns developing for over 40 minutes with film to get good results. This means we need an imager which is versatile enough to cope with these very different demands.”

The technician continues: “We reviewed three imaging systems from other suppliers for these tasks but none were as multi-talented as the G:BOX Chemi XRQ. We chose this imager because using GeneSys software, makes it easy to set up and we can leave the system unattended capturing chemi images, while we get on with other work. The system’s binning feature gives us incredible sensitivity, with the kind of results we’ve been getting using expensive X-ray films and we can fit even our largest gels and blots into the unit for analysis in one shot. For price and image quality this system is the clear winner in our lab.”

“We’re excited to hear that in head to head comparisons the G:BOX Chemi XRQ comes out as the top performer at this well-respected European University,” comments Rob van den Broek, Syngene European Sales Manager. “Scientists looking for outstanding sensitivity and versatility from their imager should get in touch now to find out why owning a G:BOX Chemi XRQ system is a smart, risk-free choice.”

GBOX gel documentation price makes this a wonderful value for the lab

Any researchers in New England (MA, CT, RI, VT, ME, NH) can contact a New England BioGroup product specialist to learn more about these systems and to schedule a product demonstration. If you are located out of New England, please contact Syngene direct by visiting

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