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Cell Counters

Automated cell counters enable labs to easily and accurately count many different types of cells. New England Biogroup offers Nexcelom cell counters because of their good feature set, their accuracy, and their reliability. Thousands of customers, including the top ten pharmaceutical companies, have come to rely on Cellometer instruments for automated cell concentration and viability analysis. A Cellometer cell counter provides fast and accurate results, saves time and is maintenance-free.

The Nexcelom line consists of 4 cell counters:

• Cellometer T4 – Brightfield excitation for automated cell counting a viability determination using Trypan blue stain.  Useful for most cell lines and cultured primary cells.
• Cellometer X4 – Single channel fluorescence and brightfield excitation with 10x magnification range.  Useful for counting yeast and algae.
• Cellometer Auto 2000 – Dual channel fluorescence and brightfield excitation.  Best for analysis of nucleated cells and primary cells (PBMC’s, spleenocytes, lymphocytes) from fresh samples (whole blood, cord blood, bone marrow).
• Cellometer Vision – For cell-based assays: apoptosis, cell cycle, transfection, autophagy, ABC transporter assays, and many others.  Also useful for analysis of primary cells: hepatocytes, adipocytes.

Alternatively, click the image below for more information on all of our automated cell counters.

Why New England BioGroup?

Call us old-school, but we still believe in putting the customer before the sale. We want to help you select and purchase the product that is the best for your lab’s needs, not for our revenues. We’re also local to New England, which means not only are you supporting a local, family-owned business, but we’re right around the corner to help provide you with support when you need it. At NE BioGroup, we carefully select what products we distribute – we only work with reputable companies that make reliable, high-quality products and care about our customers just like we do. We also don’t sell everything under the sun, but maintain a smaller portfolio of specialized products and take pride in our knowledge of those areas. Feel free to ask us a question – you’ll be surprised how well we know our products (and competing products!)