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Stain-free gel visualization application on Syngene G:BOX

Move over Bio-Rad! Syngene Gel Documentation Systems Can Be Used for Stain-Free Imaging. Syngene G:BOX system helps save time and make protein analysis safer Scientific Digital Imaging’s [SDI’s] Syngene Division, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions is delighted to announce that the lighting and filter conditions in the G:BOX image analysis system have been […]

Syngene PXi Touch Gel Imaging System

Quick and simple touch screen set-up for perfect blots, 1D and 2D gel images Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of gel documentation systems today announced the introduction of the new PXi Touch range of high resolution, multi-application image analysis systems. These easy-to-use systems are ideal for scientists wanting a rapid touch screen driven method of accurately […]

New Compact Gel Documentation System from Syngene is aptly named PXi (pronounced Pixie)

It may be small, but the PXi (Pixie) gel doc is perfect for imaging Western blots (chemiluminescence and mulitplex fluorescent secondary antibodies) 1D gels and even 2D gels! Syngene is a world-leading manufacturer of gel documentation system.  The PXi, Syngene’s newest addition to its product portfolio,  is a new high resolution, multi-application image analysis system. This […]

Gel Electrophoresis 101: Agarose Gel Electrophoresis and Documentation

Agarose gel electrophoresis is a method used in biochemistry and molecular biology to separate a mixed population of DNA and RNA fragments by length, to estimate the size of DNA and RNA fragments or to separate proteins by charge.[1] Nucleic acid molecules are separated by applying an electric field to move the negatively charged molecules through an agarose matrix. Shorter molecules move faster and migrate farther than longer ones because shorter molecules migrate more […]

Blue Light LED Transilluminator – Syngene's innovative UltraBright system!

Offers Exceptional Imaging of Fluorescent DNA Gels without Compromising Safety Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions, today introduced the UltraBright-LED transilluminator, a new generation of blue light transilluminator designed for safely imaging fluorescently labeled gels (up to 20cm x 16cm) on the bench or inside Syngene G:BOX imaging systems. The UltraBright-LED uses two high intensity […]

NEW G:BOX F3 Automated Gel Imaging System

Rapid, Accurate Analysis of DNA and Protein Gels Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions is delighted to introduce the G:BOX F3, a new gel imaging system, designed for scientists that want a rapid, versatile method of automatically imaging and analyzing DNA, RNA and proteins in gels. The G:BOX F3 features a high-resolution 3.8 million pixel […]

Gel Documentation Systems – How to choose a system that fits your needs

DNA and protein gels have a long as storied history as being easy to run, but difficult to obtain good data from.  Much of the problem has lied in the acquisition of images and subsequent extraction and analysis of data.  Luckily or today’s scientists, there’s many good options out there for gel documentation systems which […]