Stain-free gel visualization application on Syngene G:BOX

Move over Bio-Rad! Syngene Gel Documentation Systems Can Be Used for Stain-Free Imaging.

Syngene G:BOX system helps save time and make protein analysis saferNew-GBOX-LARGE

Scientific Digital Imaging’s [SDI’s] Syngene Division, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions is delighted to announce that the lighting and filter conditions in the G:BOX image analysis system have been optimized to allow faster, safer visualization of proteins on stain-free gels.

Extensive testing for optimal imaging performance

Technical specialists at Syngene tested filter and lighting conditions in a G:BOX image analysis system to accurately image a range of proteins (2-300ng) run on a Bio-Rad Criterion TGX Stain-Free gel. For optimum imaging performance, the gel was exposed to 5 minutes of mid wave UV (302nm) on a UV transilluminator and the gel was imaged using a UV filter and an exposure time of 2 seconds. The gel was then stained with ProtoBlue Safe and imaged again.

The G:BOX image analysis results from the stained and unstained gel showed the linearity and sensitivity of both methods of protein visualisation was comparable with proteins being detected in the 2-20ng range. In fact, with some proteins, the stain- free gels provided better detection limits than the ProtoBlue Safe dye staining.

Scientists can save time without compromising on sensitivity or safety

Dr. Lindsey Kirby, SDI’s Syngene Application Specialist explained: “Staining protein gels can be a time consuming task as scientists often use Coomassie Blue, which is toxic and requires a lengthy de-staining step. Therefore, if scientists can image their gels immediately after they have run them, this makes analysis safer and more efficient.”

Lindsey added: “This is why we’ve worked to develop the optimal imaging conditions for stain-free visualisation. We’re delighted that our G:BOX technology is capable of such excellent performance in this application because biologists regularly working with protein gels can now confidently use the G:BOX image analysis system for rapid stain-free visualisation without compromising on sensitivity or safety.”

GBOX gel documentation price makes this a wonderful value for the lab

Any researchers in New England (MA, CT, RI, VT, ME, NH) can contact a New England BioGroup product specialist to learn more about these systems and to schedule a product demonstration. If you are located out of New England, please contact Syngene direct by visiting


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