We know microvolume UV/Vis spectrophotometers! Over the years, New England BioGroup has been fortunate to offer our customers some “legends” in the field of microvolume UV/Vis spectrophometers, including the Thermo NanoDropTM systems. We comb the world, looking for systems that provide not only the most cutting edge technology around, but also represent a great value with respect to performance and price. And we have found it again! DeNovix is a company where its scientists and engineers have proven track records of commercializing innovative products (including one of the most well-known microvolume UV/Vis spectrophotometers). They are passionate about facilitating the advances being made in today’s scientific community. We live in an incredible time where the pace of research is outstripping the capabilities of modern instrumentation. DeNovix and NE BioGroup work with and for the primary research community to ensure new ideas are never limited by current technology. We are proud to introduce you to the “best-in-class” microvolume UV/Vis spectrophotometers available.

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