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Systems for introducing nucleic acids into cells. Proper transfection equipment can make transfecting cells easier, faster, and more efficient.
Magnefect Nano II

Magnefect Nano II

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by nanoTherics

Full-feature, fully flexible, easy-to-handle, fast and efficient cell transfection devices.

Benefits of magnefect nano II over other transfection methods

  • Full flexibility for use with broadest range of cell types including difficult to transfect neuronal cells, stem cells and primary cells.
  • Fully interchangeable 6-well, 24-well AND 96-well formats.
  • Easy to program with user-defined protocols (oscillation frequency, displacement, cycles, time).
  • Quick, easy optimisation of transfection conditions for maximum flexibility and best possible transfection results.


The magnefect nano II system is supplied in two parts:

  • The magnefect-nano-II magnet array sample holder comes with fully interchangeable magnet arrays (6-well, 24-well AND 96-well) for standard multi-well plates. The sample holder may be placed in a cell incubator during transfection to maintain the normal cell culture environment.
  • The magnefect-nano-II controller unit supplies power to oscillate the magnet array and allows you to define user protocols (e.g. oscillating frequency, oscillating time, oscillating displacement). The magnefect-nano-II controller unit can also be used to provide power to a magnefect-nano-II-DUO sample holder.

magnefect nano II accessories

The magnefect-nano-II comes provided with a 6-well, a 24-well AND a 96-well magnet array which are fully interchangeable allowing user flexibility.

Additional magnet arrays and magnet array sample holders can be purchased as required.

Preliminary Data – siRNA Transfection

Left: EG5 knockdown
(Data courtesy of Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium)

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